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ETP Assets To Beat Hedge Funds In Q2
By Rachael Revesz | 28 April, 2015 14:19 (GMT)

The exchange traded product world is growing at a faster rate than hedge funds, which have been around for 66 years

Oil Prices Will Hit $80 As US Output Plunges
By Sumit Roy | 27 April, 2015 15:36 (GMT)

Energy analyst Phil Flynn discusses the oil market

Investors Lose Patience With Synthetic China ETFs
By Rachael Revesz | 27 April, 2015 15:31 (GMT)

ETF providers say it’s complicated to get access to China, others say synthetics are losing favour

Lyxor Launches Euro High Yield Bond Fund
By Rachael Revesz | 27 April, 2015 12:00 (GMT)

The ETF costs 0.35% and tracks 50 euro-denominated high yield corporate bonds

Nasdaq 100 ETFs Aim For The Sky
By Cinthia Murphy and Rachael Revesz | 27 April, 2015 10:10 (GMT)

A rally in technology stocks is again pushing the Nasdaq Composite through record highs not seen in 15 years

Rob Arnott: Smart Beta Is Just A Fun Expression
By Rachael Revesz | 26 April, 2015 21:51 (GMT)

The founder of Research Affiliates says smart beta is simply a turn of phrase and “don’t get too excited about it”


iShares Hits 15th Anniversary Yet ETF Challenges Remain
By Rachael Revesz | 24 April, 2015 11:57 (GMT)

Growth in European ETFs has hit 35 percent per year but the industry has more work to do

10 Smallest ETFs In Europe
By Rachael Revesz | 24 April, 2015 09:40 (GMT)

These are the smallest funds in terms of AUM, with as little as €90,000 in assets – buyers beware?

UK Election Creates Uncertainty For SMEs
By Emma Cusworth | 23 April, 2015 13:50 (GMT)

The looming election means the outlook for British small businesses in the short term could be wobbly

Gimme Shelter: The U.S. Dollar Trade And Its Risks
By Michele Mazzoleni | 23 April, 2015 10:35 (GMT)

Diversification should encourage investors to consider whether it is worth concentrating their risk exposure toward the U.S. economy, says Research Affiliates

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