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ETF Explainer: XGN5 And German Bunds
By Rachael Revesz | 31 July, 2015 09:22 (GMT)

We look at the db X-trackers II iBoxx € Germany 3-5 TR UCITS ETF, which has climbed while bund yields fell persistently between April 2014 and April 2015


Read All About It: Stock Exchanges And Their Crucial Role
By Staff | 31 July, 2015 09:18 (GMT)

The exchange-traded feature of ETPs is their primary advantage but what role do exchanges actually play?


Vanguard Scraps Extra Fees On LifeStrategy Funds
By Rachael Revesz | 30 July, 2015 11:07 (GMT)

The £2 billion funds will no longer charge the upfront 0.10% so-called pre-dilution levy to investors


China Large Caps Attractive After Sell-off
By Cinthia Murphy | 30 July, 2015 09:01 (GMT)

ETF investors should consider diversifying exposure to Chinese stocks as market changes


Erdem: Three Of My Favourite ETF Strategies
By Rachael Revesz | 29 July, 2015 15:42 (GMT)

The head of investments at Copia speaks about minimum variance, currency hedging and the Nasdaq 100


Not-So-Costly ETFs Best Route To High Yield
By Rachael Revesz | 29 July, 2015 10:52 (GMT)

New research advises fund managers to go for the cheaper option and track a high yield index via an ETF instead


   Passive Trackers Undercutting ETF Costs
By Rachael Revesz | 28 July, 2015 15:04 (GMT)

BlackRock has slashed fees on many of its mainstream index trackers, with new annual fees far below its ETF counterpart


Icahn Take Note: At Least ETFs Give You A Price
By Rachael Revesz | 28 July, 2015 11:07 (GMT)

Industry experts have responded to recent disparaging comments against ETFs this month from some of the world’s largest investors

 Source: You Like CHNA, You Must Like Volatility
By Rachael Revesz | 28 July, 2015 08:54 (GMT)

It hasn’t been an easy ride for the Source CSOP FTSE A50 UCITS ETF (CHNA) which has dipped from over $500m to less than $20m AUM


Economist: Here
By Sumit Roy | 26 July, 2015 22:10 (GMT)

There are a number of things that could trigger the double dip this time around, says author Charles Robertson


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