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Lyxor Launches Fed Funds Rate ETF
By Rachael Revesz | 03 July, 2015 10:43 (GMT)

The money market ETF tracks the U.S. equivalent of the Libor base rate and currently has "zero percent" headline fee

The Definition Of IFA Is Constantly Up For Review
By Rachael Revesz | 02 July, 2015 17:22 (GMT)

Andrew Pereira of Quadrant Group is determined to keep hold of his independence even if he prefers to recommend passive funds

How To Measure And Understand ETF Liquidity
By Staff | 02 July, 2015 17:12 (GMT)

For individual stocks, liquidity is all about trading volume and its regularity—more is better. For ETPs, however, there’s more to consider


iShares Launches USD-Hedged Europe Equity ETF
By Rachael Revesz | 02 July, 2015 13:17 (GMT)

The fund tracks the MSCI EMU index and is hedged into USD to mitigate the effect of currency fluctuations

iShares Scraps 50% Stock Lending Limit
By Rachael Revesz | 02 July, 2015 09:43 (GMT)

The ETF provider has ditched its limit on the amount of its ETFs’ net asset value that can be lent out to boost profits

My Platform ETF Wish List Is Yet To Come True
By Rachael Revesz | 01 July, 2015 16:00 (GMT)

Platforms are one of the major sticking points when it comes to the growth of ETFs amongst the investor and adviser community

Cohen: 3 Megatrends Which Will Drive Volatility
By Rachael Revesz | 01 July, 2015 15:21 (GMT)

Prepare for choppier markets, particularly in equities, says BlackRock’s managing director Stephen Cohen


Smart Beta Investors Consider Extra Returns Biggest Benefit
By Rachael Revesz | 30 June, 2015 17:12 (GMT)

Over a third of investors believe smart beta will perform above and beyond the traditional market cap index, our survey finds

Gross: 6 Possible Triggers For A Market Sell-Off
By Rachael Revesz | 30 June, 2015 14:03 (GMT)

ETFs and mutual funds, lightly regulated and holding no cash reserves, will be hit first by any run on liquidity, the bond guru said today

By Cinthia Murphy and Rachael Revesz | 30 June, 2015 10:49 (GMT)

A possible ‘Grexit’ looks more likely than ever. Two experts weigh in


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