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ETF Report: Explaining CRUD
By Rachael Revesz | 22 May, 2015 09:53 (GMT)

We analyse the past performance of the ETF Securities WTI Crude Oil UCITS ETC


Learn: Fixed Income Indices
By Staff | 21 May, 2015 11:28 (GMT)

There are many ways to slice and dice the bond market: Learn how indices tailor fixed income

Assessing Smart Beta Fixed Income
By Rachael Revesz | 21 May, 2015 11:14 (GMT)

ETF Securities’ Howie Li and Lombard Odier’s Kevin Corrigan discuss their new funds which are based on the issuers' ability to repay debt, not on their ability to borrow


Malmgren: We Can Prepare For Geopolitical Risks
By Rachael Revesz | 20 May, 2015 17:20 (GMT)

Geopolitical risks are not black swans that can't be predicted, says Pippa Malmgren - but preparedness, not prediction, is the right focus here

WisdomTree Brings Largest Currency Hedged ETFs To Europe
By Rachael Revesz | 20 May, 2015 14:45 (GMT)

DXJ and HEDJ provide exposure to Japanese and European equities while hedging to the U.S. dollar

UniCredit Bank Offers World’s First Euro Convertible Bond ETF
By Rachael Revesz | 20 May, 2015 13:02 (GMT)

The bank returns to ETF market after eight years to offer the first fund of its kind in the European convertible bond space

Malmgren: UK Would Fare Better Outside EU
By Rachael Revesz | 20 May, 2015 10:57 (GMT)

The Eurozone break-up will still happen, the UK election will open the door for volatility and would have more freedom outside the EU, says Pippa Malmgren

UK Deflation: Only Temporary?
By Rachael Revesz | 19 May, 2015 15:47 (GMT)

Inflation has fallen below zero for the first time since the 1960s due to falling oil and Sterling strength


BATS Chi-X Europe Offers ETF Providers Free Listings
By Rachael Revesz | 19 May, 2015 10:54 (GMT)

The exchange wants to increase the number of ETFs listed, from its current 5 funds from iShares and Lyxor


Bond ETF Liquidity Fears Are Overblown
By Cinthia Murphy | 19 May, 2015 09:48 (GMT)

Institutional investors have actually been relying more and more on fixed-income ETFs to navigate shrinking liquidity in bond markets, says iShares' Matt Tucker


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