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UBS Lists Growth ETFs
By Staff | 22 February, 2012

UBS has launched three new equity ETFs focusing on growth stocks in the US and the eurozone region.

Two of the new funds are based on the MSCI USA Growth Net Total Return index, with one being an ‘A’ class ETF aimed at private investors and the other an ‘I’ class targeting institutional investors. The former has a total expense ratio (TER) of 0.76 percent, while the latter’s TER is slightly lower at 0.59 percent.

The underlying index includes US domiciled companies that fall within the top 85 percent of firms in terms of market capitalisation and in addition are defined as growth stocks—those with high price/earnings ratio. The index currently comprises 374 companies.

The third ETF, also an ‘A’ class fund, tracks the MSCI Daily Growth Net Total Return EMU Local index, which focuses on growth stocks in the eurozone. This index contains 149 companies at present. The TER for this product is 0.40 percent.

The new ETFs have been listed on Deutsche Boerse’s Xetra platform.



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