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5 Reasons Your Duration May Be Too Short
Here are five reasons that view may be out of sync with current market conditions  

Hedge Fund Assets Edge Ahead Of ETFs
New survey finds hedge fund assets have exploded despite poor performance and ETF assets are still marginally behind

ETP Watch: Launches and Listings Of The Month
There were eight new launches and several new listings from Amundi, iShares, Source and Boost in August  

Gold Could Test $1,400 Amid Season Upswing
Gold could hit $1,400 later this year and miners are looking like a good investment

Frontier Markets: Slowing Down?
The MSCI Frontier Markets Index has returned more than 50 percent in US dollar terms to investors since the start of 2013 but this could be nearing an end

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Contrary to popular belief, China is not necessarily headed for disaster


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Despite all the anxiety it can provoke, volatility can really be just what the doctor ordered

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01 September, 2014 15:00 – GMT
Equities : Regional
Lyxor ETF DJ EuroStoxx 50 EPA:MSE 31.51 -0.10%
iShares MSCI World LON:IWRD 2,227.50 -0.18%
Equities : Country
iShares FTSE 100 LON:ISF 678.72 -0.09%
Lyxor ETF DAX EPA:DAX 91.68 +0.01%
Lyxor ETF CAC40 EPA:CAC 43.40 -0.23%
iShares S&P500 LON:IUSA 1,199.19 -0.27%
iShares MSCI Japan LON:IJPN 715.41 -0.15%
Lyxor ETF EuroMTS 15+Year EPA:MTF 182.32 +0.12%
iShares Euro Corporate Bond LON:IBCX 133.56 -0.01%
iShares FTSE All Stocks Gilt LON:IGLT 11.85 -0.23%
iShares Index-Linked Gilt LON:INXG 14.05 +0.01%
ETF Securities Physical Gold LON:PHAU 125.02 -0.13%
ETF Securities Crude Oil LON:CRUD 24.94 +0.44%