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Weak Uptake Of ECB Loans Prompts Calls For QE
The European Central Bank’s plan to boost bank lending has had an arguably weak start, suggesting QE is needed to ward off deflation

India ETFs Are Hot, But May Be Overbought
India may well take investors to the promised land, but getting there won’t always be a smooth ride

China’s QE Plans To Boost Asia ETFs
ETF investors will welcome the news of China’s proposed liquidity injection to its biggest banks

Smart Beta Powerhouse Broadens ETF Distribution
Invesco PowerShares broadens ETF distribution by listing products across European exchanges  

Investors Exit Soft Commodities On Bumper Harvest
Outflows and profit taking from agriculture and livestock, while investors maintain holdings in precious metals

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Dave Nadig

If there’s one part of the market that really needs smarter beta, it’s commodities

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Rachael Revesz

It isn’t broken so what are you trying to fix?

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Dave Nadig

Have you noticed the euro and the yen is down versus USD, too? The pound is depressed and in fact due for a fair recovery

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01 March, 2010 21:27 – GMT
Equities : Regional
Lyxor ETF DJ EuroStoxx 50 EPA:MSE 27.91 +1.53%
iShares MSCI World LON:IWRD 1,627 +2.46%
Equities : Country
iShares FTSE 100 LON:ISF 540.70 +1.05%
Lyxor ETF DAX EPA:DAX 56.19 +1.99%
Lyxor ETF CAC40 EPA:CAC 37.89 +1.51%
iShares S&P500 LON:IUSA 742 +2.73%
iShares MSCI Japan LON:IJPN 670 +2.76%
Lyxor ETF EuroMTS 15+Year EPA:MTF 120.64 -0.09%
iShares Euro Corporate Bond LON:IBCX 120.73 +0.10%
iShares FTSE All Stocks Gilt LON:IGLT 10.23 -0.24%
iShares Index-Linked Gilt LON:INXG 11.03 -0.45%
ETF Securities Physical Gold LON:PHAU 110.48 +0.04%
ETF Securities Crude Oil LON:CRUD 26.80 +0.30%