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The Most Popular ETFs So Far In 2015
The top 10 ETFs in terms of asset growth were all in European, global and U.S. equities despite negative performance  

ETF Investors Flock To Short Term Debt
Investors ploughed $5.7bn into shorter-dated bond ETFs last month; U.S. govt debt sells at zero yield

Top Performing ETFs Year To Date
Most ETFs were in the red after a difficult third quarter but there were some surprising winners  

Are Buybacks An Oasis Or A Mirage?
Shimmering on the barren surface of zero real yields, is that a lush garden of stock buybacks that we spy on the horizon?

Portugal Votes For Austerity, ETF Reacts Well
The ComStage PSI 20 UCITS ETF was up 0.5 percent today as the Portuguese vote centre-right

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