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HSBC Halves Tracker Fees, Yet ETF Outflows Persist
Its passive trackers are priced competitively yet its ETF arm has been beaten on price

WisdomTree Launches Europe’s First Emerging Asia Income ETF
The fund ranks stocks by dividend yield and costs 0.54 percent per year  

Oil Rout Fuels $2 Trillion Global Stimulus
Approx. $2 trillion of annualized savings from the oil price decline is a global stimulus package of unprecedented proportions  

Why ETF Investors Want 0% T-Bills
These bonds still appeal to investors for safety, if not yield, during volatile markets  

ComStage Launches Swathe Of U.S. Govt Debt ETFs
The timing is fortuitous as short-dated U.S. sovereigns go to zero yield this week due to investor demand

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