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Revealed: Top 10 UK Advisers Using ETFs
As selected by ETF Report UK for the depth of their knowledge, the strength of their client relationships and their spirit of innovation

ETF Vs ETP: Know What You
How can an ETP structure itself and what are the implications for investors?  

Chasing Performance With ETFs
Research Affiliates says it's time to examine how ETF providers time their product launches and whether it's to the investor's benefit  

Taking A Closer Look At The Indian Bond ETF
New funds in emerging markets are launching all the time, but it’s worth looking under the bonnet

Platforms And ETFs Have A Long Road To Cohabitation
The majority of financial advisers want more ETFs on their platforms but the response and progress from the industry is varied  

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Rock Stars Top Advisers Shaking Up The Industry


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Larry Swedroe

The evidence shows we should not expect real rates to return to their long-term averages


Hoshang Daroga

As assets in passive funds grow, is paying higher fees for actively managed funds worth the cost?

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Podcast founder Jim Wiandt interviews Lyxor global head of sales Matthieu Mouly about the company's aim to achieve 50% physical ETF assets by 2016.

Podcast founder Jim Wiandt talks to First Trust's Derek Fulton and Eric Anderson, discussing the company's goals and the future of the European ETF industry.

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