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Gimme Shelter: The U.S. Dollar Trade And Its Risks
Diversification should encourage investors to consider whether it is worth concentrating their risk exposure toward the U.S. economy, says Research Affiliates

Low-Cost Funds Give You Extra 1% Every Year
Low-cost funds return an average 1 percent extra to investors per year over 10 years compared to high cost funds, research finds

Best Performing ETFs Revealed
A total of 37 ETFs gain the top rating for index replication and liquidity

Japanese ETFs Soar To Record High
The Nikkei 225 closed above 20,000 points for the first time in 15 years

UK Election 2015: Unpredictability Is King
The 2015 UK election promises to be one of the hardest in modern history to predict, except one thing - a hung parliament is a near certainty  

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Rick Ferri

I believe investors are best served by an eclectic group of ETFs, open-end index funds and some actively managed open-end funds


Rachael Revesz

New data shows that over half of the FTSE 100's performance comes from non-UK earnings, and the gap is growing larger in a globalised world

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