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Min Vol Wins Battle But Not The War
This strategy offers the best risk-adjusted returns year to date, but there are downsides

Eurozone Retail ETFs Hit As Sector Contracts
Eurozone retail ETFs have posted weak gains so far this year as the sector has contracted since July

Exchanges Battle For Top ETF Spot In Europe

The London Stock Exchange may be winning but where does that leave everyone else?

Global Dividends Leap In Second Quarter
Europe and Japan rose fastest, leaving the UK and emerging markets far behind

Russia ETFs Uptick Not Certain To Last
The effects of the Ukraine conflict are wearing off, but performance is still rocky


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20 August, 2014 15:00 – GMT
Equities : Regional
Lyxor ETF DJ EuroStoxx 50 EPA:MSE 30.55 -0.68%
iShares MSCI World LON:IWRD 2,202 -0.90%
Equities : Country
iShares FTSE 100 LON:ISF 672.05 -0.31%
Lyxor ETF DAX EPA:DAX 89.74 -0.79%
Lyxor ETF CAC40 EPA:CAC 41.90 -0.78%
iShares S&P500 LON:IUSA 1,183.75 -0.50%
iShares MSCI Japan LON:IJPN 719.50 -0.93%
Lyxor ETF EuroMTS 15+Year EPA:MTF 177.75 +0.09%
iShares Euro Corporate Bond LON:IBCX 132.88 +0.05%
iShares FTSE All Stocks Gilt LON:IGLT 11.72 -0.11%
iShares Index-Linked Gilt LON:INXG 13.83 +0.25%
ETF Securities Physical Gold LON:PHAU 125.94 +0.12%
ETF Securities Crude Oil LON:CRUD 24.39 -0.23%