ETF Investors Bet on Further Euro Weakness
Investors are betting on further euro weakness as economic data disappoints

Gold: Bear Says $800, Bull Says $5,000
The bear and bull view value gold differently, but they reach other surprisingly similar conclusions

ETF Securities Closes More Funds
The five commodity, shipping and dividend ETFs suffer weak demand and are costly to run

Election Reignites Rally In Indonesian ETFs
Indonesian election boosts three Europe listed ETFs year to date

Property ETFs Leave Financial Crisis Behind
Property exchange traded funds have taken off since February this year and not just in the UK

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28 July, 2014 15:00 – GMT
Equities : Regional
Lyxor ETF DJ EuroStoxx 50 EPA:MSE 31.57 0%
iShares MSCI World LON:IWRD 2,190.69 +0.02%
Equities : Country
iShares FTSE 100 LON:ISF 677.90 +0.10%
Lyxor ETF DAX EPA:DAX 93.27 -0.16%
Lyxor ETF CAC40 EPA:CAC 43.19 +0.36%
iShares S&P500 LON:IUSA 1,162.44 +0.02%
iShares MSCI Japan LON:IJPN 720.22 +0.21%
Lyxor ETF EuroMTS 15+Year EPA:MTF 173.08 +0.14%
iShares Euro Corporate Bond LON:IBCX 132.66 -0.01%
iShares FTSE All Stocks Gilt LON:IGLT 11.50 -0.19%
iShares Index-Linked Gilt LON:INXG 13.29 -0.46%
ETF Securities Physical Gold LON:PHAU 126.76 +0.42%
ETF Securities Crude Oil LON:CRUD 26.32 -0.90%