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ETF Showdown: Comparing Japanese ETFs
Which ETF is best for you? Looking at expenses, tracking, trading and liqudity

2016: Top 5 ETF Trends
What does the New Year hold for ETFs and investors?  

Db X-Trackers Launches Smart Beta Eurozone Bond ETF
The bonds are weighted by “quality” of their sovereign issuers e.g. unemployment and inflation  

Here Is Why Low Volatility ETFs Are So Popular
This strategy is favoured by institutional and retail investors alike – and here’s why

Euro High Yield Corporate Bond ETF Tops November Charts

The iShares high yield ETF snags the most money last month in the whole of Europe

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Hortense Bioy

Active ETFs face a number of hurdles but Vanguard appears to be on the path to success

Rick Ferri

It's not about beating the market, it's about achieving the client's long term needs


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Podcast founder Jim Wiandt interviews Lyxor global head of sales Matthieu Mouly about the company's aim to achieve 50% physical ETF assets by 2016.

Podcast founder Jim Wiandt talks to First Trust's Derek Fulton and Eric Anderson, discussing the company's goals and the future of the European ETF industry.

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