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Portugal Votes For Austerity, ETF Reacts Well
The ComStage PSI 20 UCITS ETF was up 0.5 percent today as the Portuguese vote centre-right

Top Tips For Understanding ETF Structures
How can an ETP structure itself and what are the implications for investors?

Short And Leverage ETPs Gaining Traction
Short and leverage ETPs have hit $63 billion but are unlikely to become mainstream in the adviser community  

What Sectors To Own When U.S. Rates Rise
While industrials, materials and financials show correlation to rising 10-year U.S. Treasury yields, other sectors have weak correlation  

Smart Beta Gets More Complex To Charge Higher Fees
Morningstar report highlights that indexes are becoming harder to understand to justify higher ETF costs

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Allan Lane

What if the true market liquidity moves from single stocks to ETFs?

Christos Costandinides

This new entrant is seriously going to challenge higher smart beta ETF costs and potentially attract more retail investors

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